Thank you for your interest in Kentish Embroidery

If you have a design or text that needs to be embroidered onto your chosen tops. You will need to do the following

  1. Email the design to
    We accept .PDF .JPG .JPEG 
    Any photos showing the design
    An existing top
  2. We also accept the designs via facebook, online chat, whatsapp and other media platforms
  3. You will need to tell us about any text on the design, the font and color
  4. You will need to tell us about any sizing you want
  5. You will need to give us any other information you feel is necessary

We will provide you with a design for you to approve. Once this is approved by yourself, this is final.

Below is the legal wording, however if you pay for your order your logo is digitized for free. If we digitize your logo before you pay for an order or do not pay, we will charge you £35.


  1. If we digitize and or design your logo for you before a valid order is created, a charge of £35 will be raised and held by us.
  2. Once a valid order is placed and paid for, this charge will be waived.
  3. If a valid order is not placed, and you do not order from us, this charge will raised as a invoice and charged to you.
  4. If a valid order is placed but payment is not made, the charge of £35 will be raised against your account.
  5. Once a charge has been raised against your account, it is to be paid immediately, if this is not paid, we will seek payment by selling this debt to a third party after 30 days. This 3rd party may or may not add extra charges to this debt, and the debt could increase substantially
  6. You must have a valid and registered account with us here at Kentish Embroidery